Roku Accessories : Roku Player | Roku Smart TV | Streaming Stick

Roku has developed a streaming platform that delivers a world-class user experience. With the best streaming products, now you can enhance your experience with plenty of Roku Accessories. Roku offers optional accessories that serve to make your experience better with the Roku devices. In order to get a better understanding of Roku accessories, you can look at the list provided below.  

Roku TV Accessories 

Roku TV offers all in one solution to its users. Due to which it doesn’t require the connection of an external box to access internet streaming content. Therefore, by using Roku TV accessories you can enhance your experience of using Roku products. These accessories add more value to the Roku product. Given below are some of the Roku TV accessories. 

  Universal Roku Remote 

  • The SofaBaton remote is among one of the best Roku TV accessories. 
  • It allows you to use a single remote for  Roku TV. 
  • It is easy to set up a universal remote. 

   Sideclick Universal Remote Attachment 

  • This product is compatible with all Roku enabled TV.
  • It also helps in performing basic functions of the TV. 
  • This is an all in one remote, that will enhance your experience. 

 TotalMount Remote Holder 

For keeping your Roku remote or Fire TV remote safer, you can use this remote holder. You can attach this holder on the side or anywhere on your TV or anywhere else. Therefore, this is one of the most preferred TV accessories. Hence, this product provides complete security to your remotes.  

Roku USB Cables

Roku offers a versatile range of USB cables.  This can be a perfect buy for connecting various products altogether. 

Roku power Supplier

You can get both the UK and European power suppliers. This product comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee.

Roku Accessories

Roku Player Accessories 

Roku player gives you a smooth HD experience with a player that is easy to use. You can start streaming in HD, 4K and HDR picture quality. Roku player accessories help you in getting a better experience using Roku players. They offer various features that can work best in redefining your experience. 

Universal Roku Remote 

You can use this remote to access Roku Player. Also, you can avail various benefits of using this product as mentioned above. 

 Sideclick Universal Remote Attachment 

Sideclick Universal Remote Attachment is a slim attachment for all the Roku streaming players. This product offers various features as mentioned above. 

Roku USB Cables

You can use Roku USB cables to connect your Roku players. Avail the benefits of using the USB cable as mentioned above. 

Roku power Supplier

Get various features of the Roku power supplier as mentioned above. 

TotalMount Roku Ultra Mounting System

  • This Roku player accessory is an outstanding option for your wall-mounted TV’s. 
  • This comes with three mounting options. You can place it easily without any drilling requirements.
  • After having this product you don’t have to worry about where to place your Roku device. 
  • It comes with the pro-level installation that helps in getting the installation complete in a minute. 
  • TotalMount Mounting System is compatible only with Roku Ultra. 

Roku Streaming Stick Accessories 

This product offers a high- performance and portability feature. You can use this product while traveling anywhere. It is perfectly portable to stream almost anywhere. Therefore, you can also enjoy a picture quality that is optimized for your TV. Given below are some of the features delivered by Roku streaming accessories. 

USB Cable With Wireless Receiver 

With the help of a long-range wireless receiver, you can get a stronger signal even in rooms. You can easily connect your streaming stick with the help of this USB cable. 

Roku power Supplier

You can use the Roku power adapter for the Roku streaming stick. While using this accessory you can get a better streaming experience.  Avail various benefits of using this product as mentioned above. 

Sideclick Universal Remote Attachment 

This remote performs all the basic functions that is required to access the Roku streaming stick. This Roku attachment can instantly turn your remote into a universal remote. This is an all-in-one remote, that will enhance your experience. 

Roku Universal Remote

This remote is one of the best accessories for the Roku streaming stick. Get various advantages of using this remote as mentioned above.

Roku Audio Accessories 

Roku Audio accessories include Roku TV wireless speakers, Roku soundbar, etc. You can enjoy the immersive sound and clear dialogue with your favorite dialogue. These audio accessories give you a vibrant sound and expansive range. 

Roku TV Wireless Speakers

  1. These speakers communicate wirelessly with a Roku TV to receive the audio signal. 
  2. Roku TV wireless speakers have Bluetooth onboard. So, you can stream music wirelessly from Bluetooth capable devices. 
  3. It is the easiest way to get better sound from your Roku TV. 
  4. These speakers are easy to set up and use. 
  5. Roku speakers give multi-dimensional sound for your entertainment. 
  6. These speakers easily boost the volume with speech clarity. 
  7. It also lowers sound commercials for consistent sound with Automatic Volume leveling. 

Standard Roku TV Handheld Remote

This remote is similar to the existing Roku TV remote. But, it has a microphone which helps to support voice control. With the help of this remote, you can use your voice to quickly search across channels. You can control your streaming all with on remote. 

Roku Tabletop remote 

  1. Roku Tabletop remote is designed to be used away from the TV. 
  2. You can use your voice to launch music playback with this remote.
  3. It uses programmable presets for quick access to your favorite channel.  
  4. You can also use these remotes to launch the Spotify app. Also, you can use Spotify Connect to play music from there. 

Amazon Alexa With Roku 

Roku offers an Amazon Alexa for hands-free voice control. It also provides additional controls for Roku TV.  Also, it helps in launching the channels on your device using the Alexa command. Alexa command works for more than 100 top channels on the Roku platform. 

Google Assistant With Roku 

With Google Assistant, you can control playback, launch apps and search.  It supports most of the same Roku commands as Alexa. It can only control a single Roku device per account.  

Hence, these are some of the best Roku accessories that will help in redefining your Roku device user experience. These Roku accessories will help in getting the most out of your players and TVs. Also, you can access the Roku official website for various accessories.